Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation ( CECF ) is working in Caribbean Islands and established in St. Maarten in 2017. Our institution is providing wide range of activities for young people in Caribbean and Europe to promote volunteering, intercultural dialogue and non-formal education opportunities. 
We have been cooperating with University of St. Maarten to provide language courses as well as provide non-formal education activities for the young people. We currently have two programs called : 
- Do it Caribbean! Learn & Explore
- Caribbean Summer School 
Those programs are implemented in wide range of languages due to interculturality of Caribbean in English, Spanish and French and combined with intercultural events as well as excursions and non-formal education activities. 
Our organization is currently active in European Islands Such as St. Maarten, Curacao, Aruba as well as non-European Islands and countries such as Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mexico and Colombia. 
Our mission is to create intercontinential partnerships with EU institutions as well as the other organizations around the World to promote the attractiveness of Caribbean Islands. 
We want to create an awareness on the issues that the Caribbean Islands are facing and promoting volunteerism and intercultural dialogue with and among Overseas Territories of EU.
Our activities;
Youth exchanges*
Training courses*
DoitCaribbean! International Programmes
Caribbean Summer School Programmes
European Opportunities Contact Meetings
Local and International Projects
Tours and Visits
Social Entartainment Activities
Social Responsibility Projects
Marked ones are within the framework of Erasmus+