”Caribbean Summer School” is a program organized by Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation (CEFC) and Aegean Ecotourism Association. The former represents the Caribbean and the latter represents EU countries and Turkey.

Our program exhibits its the difference with a new concept apart from those that exist all over the world. Language learning is now easier and more fun. We can do this in a short time in an adventurous program with the people of the Caribbean in a warm environment over a period of 17 days in the Caribbean.

17-day ”Caribbean Summer School” program will take place in St. Maarten, Cuba and Dominican Republic. Participant will reach the desired level to speak and they will get a certificate at the end of the program.

Our program will ensure that our participants become more social individuals through a variety of activities and will advance each participant’s vision and mission forward. At the same time they find opportunities to improve their culture as they are also in contact with local people.

Our main objectives for our participants are to improve language skills, to identify different cultures, families and campus life, to visit world famous places, to form new friendship, to strengthen and encourage intercultural understanding, to cooperate with the community and integrate responsibility values.

Our language programs combine English, Spanish and French language lessons with exciting cultural events and excursions. The Caribbean Education and Culture Foundation (CECF) and the University of St. Maarten recognize that safety must be at the highest level on the standard of education.

This program is organized in the most beautiful countries of the Caribbean; it is a program aimed at young people from Turkey and Europe to explore different cultures and improve foreign languages.



1To develop language skills
2To help them get to know different cultures, families and campus life
3To visit world famous places
4To form new friendship
5To strengthen and encourage intercultural understanding
6To cooperate with the community and integrate responsibility values